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Roller Network Help - Client Validity Checks

Client validity checks are tests performed on a connecting mail server. These options are:

Note for HELO checks: It is not uncommon for a valid mail server to send a misconfigured or invalid HELO/EHLO command. This phenomenon is frequent with Microsoft Exchange installations or mail servers behind a commodity router performing network address translation. These tests are effective, however, you may have to whitelist sources that can't or won't fix their HELO/EHLO settings.
Warning: Do not enable these options without fully understanding their effect. Enabling all of the client validity options will result in an extremely strict DNS policy for your mail domain. In other words, don't enable them just because they are here. Some of these options are for advanced configurations only. Contact technical support if you have questions about these settings.

Client validity checks are available on all paid accounts.

Dynamic Client Name Patterns

These patterns are interpreted as Perl regular expressions for IP address a.b.c.d .

Basic Patterns

Advanced Patterns

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