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See: /help/mail/filter/greylist.php



When enabled, the content of all messages will be scanned for viruses using Clam AntiVirus. If a scan returns positive for viruses, the entire message will be rejected. The actual virus found will be logged in the mail log. This feature does not have any configuration options aside from enable/disable. The virus databases are constantly updated automatically.

The Anti-Virus Filter is an advanced feature that is not available on our free accounts.


Valid User Table

See: /help/mail/users.php


Client Validity Checks

See: /help/mail/client.php


Mail Deny List

See: /help/mail/filter/blacklist.php


Mail Allow List

See: /help/mail/filter/whitelist.php


Mail Forwarding

See: /help/mail/mapping.php


Mail Services

See: /help/mail


Secondary DNS Service Setup

See: /help/dns/secondary.php


Outbound Mail Accounts

See the Outbound Mail Accounts page for more information on this service.


DNSBL Filtering

See: /help/mail/dnsbl.php


Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

See: /help/mail/spf.php

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