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Roller Network Help - Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a method to protect the sender address from joe-jobs, phishing, spoofing, and other forgery. The Roller Network offers a comprehensive SPF filter and allows you to customize how our SPF filter works for you. We recommend enabling the SPF filter for all mail domains.

Important: if you are using an SPF filter on your mail server, it will return false SPF results since all mail will appear to come from our servers and conflict with published SPF records. We do not recommend performing SPF checks on connections from our servers. (See Appendix F of RFC 7208 for more information.)

Custom SPF Result Actions

Our SPF filter allows you to customize the actions of SPF lookup results.

The following results may be returned by the SPF filter:

In our experience we've found it's generally safe to choose "Reject" for SoftFail results. The PermError result is due to an incorrect SPF record; the administrator of the sending side will need to correct it. TempError can also be trigged by a bad DNS configuration on the sender side.

Previously, the "TempError" result was known as "error" and the "PermError" result was known as "unknown".

The "Received-SPF" Header

When SPF is enabled for your domain, the "Received-SPF" header as defined in RFC 4408 will be added by our SPF filter to the message headers with the lookup result. This was previously a "header tagging" option.

As of September 2008, the old header "X-RollerNet-SPF" is officially depreciated and should no longer be used. At some point in the future, our SPF filter will stop adding the X-RollerNet-SPF header.

Global Overrides

Occasionally we will add global overrides to our system in response to virus/spam outbreaks. These overrides are specific actions based on a certain SPF result. By default, global overrides are enabled. You may choose to disable this feature.

Current global overrides in effect:

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