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DNSBL Filtering

The DNSBL filter has four modes:

When adding DNSBL servers you must use existing lists. There is currently no limit on the number of DNSBL servers to check. If you enable DNSBL filtering and do not specify any DNSBL servers, we will use our default list. If a domain is in "Global List" mode a single DNSBL table will be used for all domains in that mode. This is ideal for maintaining DNSBL settings across multiple domains by configuring one table.

In "Tag" mode we will add a X-RollerNet-DNSBL header if a DNSBL match was found; the message will not be rejected. If you have filtering software looking for headers, here's an example of the header that would be added:

X-RollerNet-DNSBL: found in with reason

The header will always be in the format "X-RollerNet-DNSBL: $clientip found in $dnsbl with reason $lookup". Disable mode will not add headers since it rejects the connection at the SMTP level before the data phase. Only the connecting client IP address is used to check with specified DNSBLs.

Roller Network Default DNSBL List

Our current default list consists of:

cidr.dnsbl.rollernet.local Our list of CIDR networks: Read Announcement
sip.invaluement.local The ivmSIP DNSBL which lists individual IP addresses.
sip24.invaluement.local The ivmSIP/24 DNSBL which lists whole /24s. Passive Spam Block List SpamCop Mailspike

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