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Roller Network Help - Blacklist

The Roller Network blacklist filter is provided to allow you to restrict mail based on specific conditions. The following type of blacklist entries are provided:

If a match is found, then the message is acted upon immediately. The following actions can be taken against a blacklist match:

We recommend that you reject or tag messages that match a blacklist entry. The SMTP message returned for a "reject"action is: "Client blacklisted at the request of the recipient. Access denied." Tagging with the X-RollerNet-Blacklist header can be used to filter the message into a "Junk" folder or other post-processing.

A wildcard for the Sender Email Address domain is allowed, but should be used with caution. The format is: example@*

You may choose to apply the blacklist entry to a selected mail domain or all mail domains.

Bulk Entry Mode

The blacklist includes a bulk entry mode to facilitate adding multiple entries of any supported type. Like single entry mode, select an action and domain to apply the entries to. However, the system will automatically detect the entry type based on the following rules:

If an error is detected, it will be indicated by line number. Blank lines will be ignored. Wildcard domain sender email address entries are not supported in bulk entry mode.

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