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Roller Network Help - Mail Allow List

The Allow List is used to add exceptions to mail filtering rules. There are two Allow Lists: the standard Allow List and the SpamAssassin scoring Allow List.

The standard Allow List has the following matching types:

You may choose to apply the Allow List entry to a selected mail domain or all mail domains. Individual filters may be allowed, or choose the "All Filters" option to skip everything if the Allow List condition matches.

Bulk Entry Mode

The Allow List includes a bulk entry mode to facilitate adding multiple entries of any supported type. Like single entry mode, select an action and domain to apply the entries to. However, the system will automatically detect the entry type based on the following rules:

If an error occurs check your bulk entry formatting and try again.

SpamAssassin Scoring Mail Allow List

The SpamAssassin content filter has an optional scoring Allow List. This filter will apply scoring rules to its Allow List entries as described below instead of bypassing the SpamAssassin filter.

If you're familiar with SpamAssassin preferences, these settings are analogous to "whitelist_from", "whitelist_from_rcvd", and "whitelist_auth", "whitelist_to", "more_spam_to", and "all_spam_to", respectively. Our servers and internal relays are automatically allowed.

Sender email addresses or domains are searched in the following headers: From, Envelope-Sender, Resent-Sender, X-Envelope-From.

Recipient email addresses are searched in the following headers: To, Cc, Apparently-To, Delivered-To, Envelope-Recipients, Apparently-Resent-To, X-Envelope-To, Envelope-To, X-Delivered-To, X-Original-To, X-Rcpt-To, X-Real-To.

Internal Networks Allow List

Some Roller Network internal networks are on a static Allow List to prevent the servers from filtering themselves or internal handling channels. It is not possible to override these using the account control center. The internal networks Allow List is only used for Roller Network controlled internal resources. The following networks are internally listed:

An entry will appear in the mail logs, when applicable.

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